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07 Where Can I Find an Early Intervention Program in My Community?

So Your Child has a Hearing Loss: Next Steps for Parents

Most states offer early intervention parent/infant programs through the local school system for parents and children with disabilities up to age three. These programs are free of charge as required by federal law. The school system evaluates your child and then develops a plan with your family for your child based on the evaluation. This plan is named the Individual Family Service Plan, or IFSP.

A good parent/infant program provides consultation on acquiring hearing aids
and assistive listening devices, parent counseling, explanation of the various communication options for children with hearing loss, and training in the communication option selected on the advice of professionals and the preference of the family. It is important to note that under these federally mandated parent/infant programs, parents are entitled to help select the communication option for their child. The emphasis in these programs is on working with the family unit, not just the child with the hearing loss.

In addition to the public school, there may be a private parent/infant program for children with hearing loss in your community. If you are interested
in privately-run programs emphasizing oral communication, contact AG Bell for more information.

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